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Welcome Letter from Principal


Dear Parents and Guardians,

On behalf of our faculty and staff, we would like to welcome our incoming sixth graders and returning seventh and eighth graders!  Here at Chaparral Middle School, we are extremely excited to begin our 2018-19 school year and look forward to a year of inspiration, empowerment and preparation. 

As you know, the middle school years play a vital role in the development of students.  Our staff of highly qualified professional educators and support personnel is committed to providing our students many academic opportunities and experiences that are rigorous, relevant and engaging.  In addition, your active participation in regards to your child’s education is key to their success, and we value your involvement, support and input! You may monitor your student’s grades, assignments and attendance by accessing Synergy ParentVue online (Please see CMS registrar for access codes).  While our administrative team provides an open-door policy to parents and guardians, there will be instances of unavailability.  As a result, we advise scheduling an appointment via phone or email. 

Once again, we welcome you to Chaparral Middle School and look forward to a year of personal growth and academic excellence!




Cynthia Bond, Principal                               April Shay, Assistant Principal                 

575-812-6305                                                       575-812-6315






Welcome To Chaparral Middle School


Welcome To Chaparral Middle School!

Code of Conduct for Students

As a Chaparral Middle School student, I understand that I am expected to:

  • Be considerate of the rights, safety, property, and feeling of others.
  • Be courteous and respectful to all teachers and adults at school.
  • Take good care of books and materials I am given to use.
  • Try my hardest to do all of my classwork and homework.
  • Be on time to school.
  • Help keep my school and classroom clean and neat.
  • Take pride in my school and help make it the best.


Chaparral Middle School is a “telling school” where students are trained and encouraged to tell a teacher, counselor, or administrator about any acts of harassment or bullying so that appropriate intervention can take place.


School Phone: 812-6300
                Cindy Bond

Cynthia Bond 

                   April Shay

                Assistant Principal    
                       April Shay

            ​Secretary—Mandy Pfeil           
​Registrar - Karma West
Counselor—Jeremy Patton             
Nurse—Joshua Landry                       

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